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We are looking for motivated new members to join the Daniel Research Group, TX Science PEERS. Potential members must be interested in projects addressing novel research questions in biology education. Currently, the following positions are available:

  • One Ph.D. student¬†position for Fall 2020: A candidate with a background in biology and experience doing quantitative and/or qualitative research in the social sciences is highly desirable. A record of publications in biology education and/or biological sciences is preferred. (Assistantship stipend starting at minimum $27,820/9mth – with potential options for additional competitive summer funding (up to $37,092/year)) – DEADLINE FOR APPLICATIONS: January 15, 2020
  • Two M.S. student positions for Fall 2020: Candidates with a strong biology background are welcome to inquire (with preference given to students that also have communication experience/coursework). Research experience in science education/communication/cognitive psychology is preferred. (Assistantship stipend: $13522/9mth – with potential options for additional competitive summer funding (up to $18030/year)) – ROLLING DEADLINE
  • One Undergraduate Honor’s College Thesis student position for Fall 2020: A candidate must be enrolled in the Honor’s College at Texas State University and interested in pursuing a research project in science education/communication in higher education or informal science settings.
  • Two Undergraduate SURE Fellows for Summer 2020: Students that meet the required qualifications to apply for and be accepted to the TXST SURE program welcome to inquire. Current independent projects available for SURE Fellows are: 1) Towards an Effective Science Communication Formula, 2) Building Global Citizenship through a Biology Study Abroad Program, and 3) Comparing Visual Approaches to Tree-Reading between AP and Introductory Students, and 4) Understanding the Relationship between Tree-Thinking and Mental Rotation. (For more information see the SURE Website) DEADLINE FOR APPLICATIONS: February 19, 2020
  • Undergraduate volunteers: A student with strong biology, communication, or psychology knowledge is welcome to join our research group to help work on existing projects along side a graduate student. A GPA of 3.0 or higher is preferred. Jobs may include designing and developing educational materials, recruiting research participants, engaging in community outreach, conducting interviews and observations, collecting and analyzing data, performing literature reviews, designing and facilitating educational activities, and other fun stuff. (Pending needs and funding, volunteers may be hired to assist on specific projects for set periods of time)

NOTE: Graduate Assistantships come with a waiver of the out-of-state portion of tuition for Fall and Spring semesters. Graduate Assistants receive access to university student health benefits. In addition, the Department provides conference travel funding for graduate students to present research (up to 1-2 conferences per year). The Department offers merit-based scholarships each year through an open-call process to all students. Additional funding from the Graduate College, such as doctoral and master’s research fellowships and merit scholarships (which waive a significant portion of tuition), are available on a competitive basis (see Student Support for more details).


Prospective Postdocs: The Daniel Research Group is always open to considering acceptance of qualified postdoctoral researchers. Funding for such positions may come from a postdoctoral grant (e.g., NSF) or from other sources that may be available in the Daniel Research Group, pending research interests. Because securing funds requires planning ahead, wherever you apply, you should contact potential postdoctoral advisers at least one year before you expect to join a research group, if possible. Planning ahead is the best way to increase your chance for successfully securing a funded postdoctoral opportunity.

Daniel Research Group Membership Inquiry Form

Daniel Research Group Membership Inquiry Form

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