Welcome to Daniel Research Group website. Our program focuses on exploring issues in science communication in efforts to make advances in biology education at the collegiate level and informal learning environments. We are a team that actively promotes outreach efforts to help make science more accessible to all who are interested.

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Dr. Kristy L. Daniel

Kristy Daniel

Dr. Kristy Daniel has traveled across the globe exploring interactions between nature and culture and sharing science stories. She thrives on pushing colleagues and budding scientists to be thoughtful about the language and images used when sharing their science passions with others. When scientists talk science, what is intended is not always what is understood. Dr. Daniel has built her academic career around exploring issues causing miscommunications and identifying ways to improve science messaging, particularly in educational settings and when using visuals. Dr. Daniel has coached hundreds of people on how to best become messengers of science as they craft Tedx Talks, 3MT competitions, conference presentations, video tutorials, outreach activities, classroom lesson plans, and research defenses. Her goal is to help make biology more accessible to more people by creating better messengers. She began this pursuit as a biologist, earning a B.A. and M.S. identifying plants and investigating plant-insect interactions, before becoming a discipline-based educational researcher, earning a Ph.D. investigating how people learn and communicate biology. Dr. Daniel is now an Associate Professor in Biology at Texas State University.

Dr. Daniel’s mentorship philosophy: “I believe that mentorship is best provided through example and it is my role to provide that example and work towards the best interests of my cultivated research community. I value the philosophy that a mentor works to progressively make him/herself unnecessary.



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